A Double-Blind Multicenter Group Comparative Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Nedocromil Sodium in the Management of Asthma: Discussion (3)

The present study is the longest controlled trial of nedocromil sodium. The effect of reducing concomitant bronchodilator therapy while patients are receiving nedocromil sodium has been assessed in other multicenter trials,’ but these have been of four or six weeks’ duration. In common with the present study, these have evaluated the efficacy of the four times daily dosage regimen (three centers in the study of Van As et al evaluated the efficacy of 4 mg twice daily). At variance with our results, the initial study did not find significant treatment differences until approximately the third treatment week. However, Greco and colleagues found significant treatment differences in clinic assessments of asthma severity by week one. The first US multicenter study found both the twice and four times daily regimens to be effective. As with the present study, improvements were apparent during the first two weeks of treatment but a placebo effect was evident and statistically significant differences were not found until the sixth and final week of the trial. buy flovent inhaler
The results of this study indicate that nedocromil sodium provided an additional benefit to adult patients with asthma receiving SRT and inhaled p2-agonists. With the exception of night-time asthma, nedocromil sodium maintained the improvement for the subsequent 12 weeks, despite a reduction in concomitant bronchodilator therapy.

Category: Pulmonary function

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