Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Liquid Paraffin Pneumonitis: Methods (1)

BaHent Population
A bronchoalveolar lavage was performed in seven patients with liquid paraffin pneumonitis, seven patients with pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, and ten healthy nonsmoker subjects.
Bronchoalveolar Lavage
Bronchoalveolar lavage was performed (after informed consent) with five successive fractions of 50 ml saline solution injected at room temperature through a fiberoptic bronchoscope. The small amount of fluid recovered from the initial aliquot was discarded. The return of fluid from subsequent aliquots was pooled, placed on ice, and analyzed for cell content in the following hours. The lavage was performed in the right middle lobe for six patients, or in the left lower lobe for patient 3.
Numeration and Morphologic Evaluation of Cells from BALF
Total cell count was done with an hemocytometer on the unconcentrated BALF and expressed as total cell number recovered from the whole fluid. The differential count was made from a cytocentrifuged preparation stained with May-Grunwald-Giemsa, Papanicolaou, periodic acid>Schiff, and Peris. In order to assess the composition of the lipids present in the AMs, cytocentriiuged preparations were also stained with Sudan B, Sudan III, and oil RedO.