Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Liquid Paraffin Pneumonitis: Results (2)

Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Liquid Paraffin Pneumonitis: Results (2)The sedimentation rate was increased between 37 and 76 (mean 55) for the seven patients. Serum protein analysis, electrolytes, hepatic and renal test results were normal. The tests for immune complexes and markers of autoimmune disease were negative except for patient 6 with chronic aggressive hepatitis. The Pa02 measured for five patients was markedly decreased between 36 and 56 mm Hg (mean 46.2). The PaC02 was normal or mildly increased (mean 41.2 mm Hg). The intake of paraffin oil was known only after the results of BALF analysis for four patients. Furthermore, patient 1 with chronic psychosis did not acknowledge any paraffin oil intake in spite of BALF results.
The chronic aspiration of mineral oil was explained by a massive but asymptomatic esophageal reflux (patient 1,4,6,7) or by difficulties in swallowing and false passages (patient 2 and 3) (Table 1). Parkinson disease was the sole possible predisposing factor for patient 5. birth control pills
After the diagnosis had been made, all patients were advised to stop mineral oil intake. Four patients died between two months and four years after the diagnosis (Table 1). The death was attributed to the Parkinson disease (patient 2), a myocardial infarction (patient 3), an intestinal infarction (patient 4), and cardiac and respiratory failure (patient 7). Patients 1,5, and 6 were in rather good physical condition and their roentgenographic infiltrates were stable or more condensed, one to seven years after the diagnosis.