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Gestational Exposure to Ethane Dimethanesulfonate: INTRODUCTION(2)

Furthermore, EDS was cytotoxic to adult LCs in the testis of the guinea pig, frog, rabbit, and lizard. LCs in the adult Syrian hamster and immature rat exhibit significant effects of EdS exposure, although they are considered less sensitive than adult rat LCs based on the relative decrease in T production by LCs incubated in […]

Gestational Exposure to Ethane Dimethanesulfonate: INTRODUCTION(1)

In 1964 Harold Jackson first described the antifertility effects of ethane dimethanesulfonate (EDS), an alkylating sulfonic ester first exploited for its potential in cancer chemotherapy. EDS has since been used as a prototypic agent to study the androgen dependency of spermatogenesis and Leydig cell (LC) ontogeny. EDS, unlike other compounds in its class that directly […]

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