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Droplets Produced by Medical Nebulizers: Methods (Part 1)

The following products were assessed: Cadema nebulizer (Ca-dema Medical Products Inc., Middletown, NY) with compressed oxygen at 8 L/min; Up-Draft nebulizer (Hudson Up-Draft Oxygen Therapy Sales Co., Temecula, CA) with compressed oxygen at 8 U min; Up-Draft with Flatus Mk.V air compressor (Maymed, Anaesthetic Supplies Pty. Ltd, Sydney, Australia)—this system is equivalent to Tote-A-Neb, Hospitak […]

Droplets Produced by Medical Nebulizers

Nebulized aerosols are used extensively in therapy and diagnosis of respiratory diseases. This mode of administration also has proven useful in ventilation imaging as an aid in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. In fact, it is the ease with which solutions or suspensions of therapeutic and diagnostic agents can be nebulized which makes the use […]

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