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Hyperosmolar Solutions Stimulate Mucus Secretion in the Ferret Trachea: Hyperosmolar Solution

The amount of lysozyme secreted was expressed as lysozyme per trachea tissue weight (micrograms per gram). Mucin Secretion With Only the Tracheal Lumen Exposed to Hyperosmolar Solution To evaluate whether hyperosmolar solution stimulates tracheal secretion via the luminal side in this model, whole trachea were used.

AIDS-Related Alveolar Hemorrhage: Data Collection and Follow-up

Diagnostic criteria for CMV pneumonia were the following: (1) the presence of viral inclusions in BAL or transbronchial biopsy specimens; (2) the absence of other demonstrable pathogens; and (3) a marked improvement after specific treatment. Pulmonary KS was diagnosed on tissue specimens or when the operator described compatible endobronchial lesions associated with histologically proven skin […]

Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (19)

Finally, as noted, different investigations have suggested that resting LV filling pressure, as estimated from pulmonary capillary wedge pressure, may or may not be strongly associated with measured exercise capacity. However, because elevated LV end-diastolic pressures would result in increased pulmonary artery pressure during rest and exercise, right ventricular ejection fraction may have a closer […]