Diethylstilbestrol Versus Estradiol: DISCUSSION(5)

In mature animals with ovaries, neonatal DES, but not E2, treatment resulted in hypertrophic cervical regions and a squamous epithelium in the ectocervix that was extensively cornified. In guinea pigs at a similar stage of maturity, DES, but not E2, treatment also resulted in hypertrophy of the cervical region, but cornification of the luminal epithelium was not reported. Furthermore, postnatal DES treatment had no discernable effect on the overall morphology or histology of the female reproductive tract in adult guinea pigs. Such observations contribute to the evidence from numerous studies that there exist species differences and critical periods of exposure for the perinatal ED action of DES. buy claritin online

As shown previously and confirmed in the present study, neonatal DES treatment is also more potent than neonatal E2 treatment in terms of inducing overall hypertrophy of the adult uterus plus hypertrophy/ hyperplasia and pseudostratification of its endometrial epithelium. Such changes in organ size and histology are considered to be classical signs of hyperestrogenism and warrant comparison to what is observed in adult mice following prenatal or neonatal DES treatment.

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