Diethylstilbestrol Versus Estradiol: MATERIALS AND METHODS(1)


Animal Treatment

Treatment of neonates, ovariectomy, chronic E2 stimulation, anesthesia, and killing by decapitation were performed according to established protocols in an Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care-accredited facility according to the Guiding Principles for the Care and Use of Research Animals promulgated by the Society for the Study of Reproduction. Timed pregnant Syrian golden hamsters (M auratus) from Charles River Breeding Laboratories (Wilmington, MA) or Harlan Sprague Dawley, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN), were caged singly under a 14L:10d photoperiod with food and water provided ad libitum.

Within 6 h of birth (Day 0), litter size was adjusted to eight neonates/litter by eliminating males, and all littermates received a single s.c. injection of 50 |xl of corn oil vehicle either alone (control) or containing 100 |xg (—33 mg/kg body wt) of either E2 or DES. Those dose levels are high, but they are not unreasonable considering that DES ingestion by pregnant women is as much as 150 mg daily and 18.2 g in total during pregnancy.