Droplets Produced by Medical Nebulizers: Discussion (Part 5)

Droplets Produced by Medical Nebulizers: Discussion (Part 5)The Flatus compressor produces a droplet size similar to the Aerosol-One, with the Up-Draft nebulizer, but with the higher flow rate of the Flatus, a smaller droplet size may be expected. The discrepancy may be due to the fact that the Aerosol-One droplets are evaporating to a greater extent than with the Flatus at ambient temperature and saturated dilution air (1.5 and 1.14 percent, respectively [Table 1]). The lower output of the Aerosol-One/Up-Draft system is likely to be responsible for this. buy ortho tri-cyclen online
The effect of the increase in temperature of the ultrasonic nebulizer solution on the droplet solute concentration is small. Also, the effect of dilution air humidity on the droplet size (and presumably the droplet solute concentration) is small due to the much higher output from the Mist-02-Gen nebulizer. The larger droplet size generated by the ultrasonic nebulizer means that they are more easily deposited on the tubing and valves within the system.
To reduce the evaporation effects in jet nebulizers, the generating gas and dilution air should be saturated with water vapor at ambient temperature and the nebulizer solution should be maintained at ambient temperature. As these changes may affect the outcome of therapy, clinical studies to measure any alterations in response should be carried out.
The higher output and droplet size occurring with the Mist-02-Gen ultrasonic nebulizer makes the droplet size and solute concentration less susceptible to large changes during nebulization. However, the presence of tortuous tubing, valves and high inhalation flow rate will cause a large reduction in the output available to the patient because the large droplets will deposit in the apparatus.

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