Droplets Produced by Medical Nebulizers: Methods (Part 3)

After collection of the aerosol droplets, the containers were re-weighed and droplets diluted with normal saline solution if their volume was insufficient for the determination of their solute concentration vapor pressure osmometry (model 1100, Knauer, Bad Homberg, West Germany).
The solute concentration of the aerosol droplets generated by the Mist-Oz-Gen nebulizer was measured by the previously noted methods, except that aerosol droplets were collected in 30-s samples at set times during continuous nebulization.
The output of nebulizer solution from the jet nebulizer systems was measured by weighing after generation for different periods of time, whereas for the ultrasonic nebulizer it was pleasured continuously. The output from the mouthpiece with a two-way valve (model 2700, Hans Rudolf Inc, Kansas City, MO) in line, also was tested at various flow rates. buy prednisone
The droplet size of the jet nebulizers at a number of operating solution temperatures was measured in separate experiments. The nebulizer was cooled to a set temperature and aerosol generated as in the concentration measurements for 2 min. The nebulizer solution contained approximately 100 MBq/ml of “”Tc 04” in normal solution. The aerosol was sized by cascade impaction as described previously.
The size of the droplets produced by the ultrasonic nebulizer was measured with and without the two-way valve in line, using the same methods as previously described.

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