Human gastric mucosal hydrophobicity and Helicobacter pylori infection: Methods

hydrophobicityH pylori infection was assessed by histology, culture and PCR. Patients were considered to be H pylori-positive if two or more of the above tests were positive.

Identification of the H pylori cagA+ strain was carried out by PCR using two pairs of primers: cagA (primer 1: 5′-CTC AAA TCC CCC TTA CCA AAC TC-3′; primer 2: 5′-GAG ATT AAG GAT TTC CAA AAA GAC TCT AA-3′, product size 130 base pairs) and urease C (primer 1: 5′-ATA AGG TGG CTC CGG TCG TT-3′; primer 2: 5′-TGG CTC AAT TGG TTA GGG TGT-3′, product size 120 base pairs), synthesized by Dr F Lewis (University of Leeds). DNA extraction and PCR were performed using standard protocols.

H pylori culture was performed as described by Goodwin.

The biopsy was collected in a 10 mL saline glass bottle and transported at room temperature. The biopsy was placed on a wax plate and put under a dissecting microscope (Vickers Instruments 173282, United Kingdom). It was then cleaned of debris, oriented with the mucus layer facing upwards and placed on a clean glass slide. The biopsy was allowed to air dry for 30 min until it assumed a matte appearance.┬áContact angle measurements were performed as described by Spychal et al , with few modifications. The biopsy sample wettability (hydrophobicity) was measured using a calibrated contact angle goniometer (made by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds) assisted by computer software (Accuware version 2.1, Automated Visual Inspection, USA). You are always offered finest quality cephalexin antibiotic just buy here at the pharmacy you can fully trust and enjoy being its customer. Why wouldn’t you, if it offers lowest prices in the industry and fast delivery that can be free for some orders?

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