Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (10)

Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (10)After integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing, 49 of the 134 were found to have reduced exercise capacity, 81 were determined to be normal, and only 4 remained indeterminate. buy cipro
Only 16 of 95 subjects eventually concluded to have cardiovascular dysfunction resulting in exercise limitation were correctly anticipated without exercise testing. Five of 20 subjects with sufficient pulmonary function abnormality to account for their exercise intolerance instead were found to evidence heart disease or peripheral vascular disease during exercise testing as the cause of limitation. In fact, of 188 workers found to have reduced work capacity, only 43 were correctly categorized for both level of work capacity and the organ system limiting exercise before exercise testing.
Similar findings have been described by Agostoni et al in 120 asbestos workers. These authors found “unexpectedly” that 37 percent of those with reduced exercise capacity had a cardiac rather than a ventilatory limitation identified during testing. They concluded that the complaint of dyspnea in these asbestos-exposed men was very often not caused by ventilatory dysfunction. Recently, Cotes and colleagues studied men who met objective criteria for exercise limitation by respiratory impairment.

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