Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (11)

Maximum Vo2 was poorly predicted by resting lung function measurements. They suggested that ventilation measured during exercise would improve accuracy of impairment evaluation. Finally, we have found that abnormalities in lung gas exchange during exercise, especially those associated with abnormally large contributions from high venti-lation-perfusion lung units, are poorly predicted from resting lung function, including diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide.
Therefore, integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing adds to the data obtained at rest in occupational lung disease evaluation. Exercise testing in the laboratory, of course, may not simulate exactly the activity in the workplace, and further studies might address the intermittent nature of most kinds of occupations and the energy requirements of specific tasks. Another area that deserves further attention is the effects of the workplace environment on exercise performance and the implications of integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the workplace itself.
Postoperative complications: In patients with pulmonary and cardiovascular disease that increase their risk of complications from surgery, some form of preoperative assessment is usually performed.

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