Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (16)

Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (16)Resting pulmonary capillary wedge pressure correlated significantly with maximum Vo2 (r= —0.69), but the ability of wedge pressure to predict exercise capacity in an individual was judged modest. For example, resting wedge pressure values of about 22 mm Hg were found in patients with maximum Vo2 ranging from about 8 tol4 ml/min/kg. buy cheap antibiotics
Weber and colleagues compared cardiac function estimates with exercise performance in patients with chronic congestive heart failure. Cardiac index, left ventricular ejection fraction, wedge pressure, and roentgenographic heart size did not correlate with maximum Vo2 measured during exercise. In another study, 25 men with chronic heart failure during a treadmill exercise protocol had no correlation between pulmonary capillary wedge pressure at rest or during exercise and maximum Vcv However, maximum Vo2 did correlate with maximum cardiac output.
Weber et al concluded that exercise duration to symptom limitation or treadmill exercise time lacked objective unbiased end points. They further recommended using a classification of heart failure patients based on maximum 02 uptake and AT. Using this classification, patients with heart failure of mild to moderate severity have maximum Vo2 between 16 and 20 ml/min/kg and AT between 11 and 14 ml/min/kg; severe cardiac failure patients are found to have maximum Vo2 less than 10 ml/min/kg and AT between 5 and 8 ml/min/kg.

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