Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (20)

Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (20)This concept of diastolic dysfunction being a primary determinant of exercise limitation in heart failure patients may explain why gas exchange measurement of exercise performance, ie, maximum Vo2 and AT, does not correlate with resting LV systolic performance variables such as LV ejection fraction. Furthermore, there are also important implications of this proposed mechanism for therapy of heart failure directed at improvement in exercise capacity. Buy Advair Diskus Online
In summary, chronic heart failure would appear to be ideally suited to evaluation using integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing. However, as pointed out, the mechanism of limitation (eg, diastolic vs systolic dysfunction) may not be clearly determined when exercise limitation is present. Therefore, the choice of therapy may not be apparent from integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing even though the assessment of therapeutic effectiveness is facilitated. Furthermore, other measurements that reflect the altered relationship between Vo2 and work rate or the time course of response to exercise may also provide additional information. Additional studies are needed to determine their exact role.

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