Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (31)

Integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing is an important application of physiology to clinical medicine. The understanding that gas exchange into and out of the lungs during exercise provides information about the function of the heart, lungs, pulmonary circulation, and systemic circulation and their interactions has led to increasing use of exercise testing in a variety of medical conditions. At present, there is considerable evidence supporting the use of integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the diagnosis of patients with exercise limitation or dyspnea, and there are increasing data supporting the use of exercise testing in the evaluation and management of certain diseases. buy birth control online

Further studies are needed to examine the discriminatory ability of exercise tests and to standardize their performance and interpretation. Integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing can be an important addition to or replacement for other diagnostic studies and can make a unique contribution. Furthermore, we believe that integrative cardiopulmonary exercise testing, if used early in the diagnostic workup, might reduce the cost and time of the workup of patients with exercise intolerance.

Category: Pulmonary function

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