Impact of Integrative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (5)

The detection of abnormal cardiovascular function depends on measurement of the rate of Vo2 change in response to work rate change and not the steady-state measurement. Cheap Diskus Advair
Carbon dioxide output (VcoJ is also influenced by cardiovascular function. For example, an important hallmark of cardiovascular disease is the accumulation of lactic acid at abnormally low work rates as a result of anaerobic metabolism. When the hydrogen ion from lactic acid is buffered by bicarbonate, C02 is generated. This metabolic acid-generated C02 adds to the COz being produced as an end product of ongoing aerobic metabolism and results in a notable increase in C02 output by the lungs. Thus, both Vo2 and Vco2 are strongly influenced by cardiovascular function during exercise.
The AT is another parameter of cardiovascular function. As noted, the onset of anaerobic metabolism can be determined by identifying the additional C02 produced by buffering of lactic acid by bicarbonate. The work rate or the Vo2 at which this begins to occur is the AT. For work performed at a rate above the AT, anaerobic metabolism contributes to energy generation in addition to ongoing aerobic metabolism. Performing increasingly heavy work causes greater anaerobic metabolism in exercising muscles. Patients with abnormal cardiovascular function, on the other hand, will have insufficient Oz delivery to their exercising muscles at abnormally low work rates. Thus, the AT in these patients occurs at a low work rate or Vo2.

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