Individualized Aerobic and High Intensity Training for Asthmatic Children (1)

Individualized Aerobic and High Intensity Training for Asthmatic Children (1)In spite of the aerobic fitness limitation described in asthmatic children, there are surprisingly few studies on the retraining of these patients. In the earliest studies, attention was focused on the asthmogenic character of various sports. According to subsequent studies, there was some evidence that if the levels of ventilation and inspired air conditions were matched, the asthmogenic degree of all sports would be the same. Thus, in order to control the level of hyperventilation during exercise, monitoring of the training characteristics (duration, intensity) has become necessary. However, the description of training programs is still insufficient. The major problem in previous studies has been the absence of a fundamental notion used in modern training techniques: the individualization of training. This oversight could explain the discrepancies among the results of these studies.
This study was designed to determine the impact of different individualized training intensities on cardiorespiratory fitness, and beyond that, on the underlying disease in children with asthma — Buy Advair Diskus Online. Two types of conditioning programs were performed: aerobic and high intensity training.

Category: Asthma and Chronic Airflow Limitation

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