Individualized Aerobic and High Intensity Training for Asthmatic Children (5)

Individualized Aerobic and High Intensity Training for Asthmatic Children (5)The reading was effected independently by two observers. In the rare case of discordance, a third one was used to reach a consensus or to eliminate the subject (in this study a consensus was always reached). ampicillin antibiotic
The maximal oxygen pulse (Vo2max/H Rmax) was expressed in’, beat.
The subjects were tested before training fT0), after a three-month aerobic training period (T3), and one last time after three months of high intensity training fTg). At the same times, the children of the control group were also tested. The entire evaluation included clinical examination, exercise testing, and flow-volume curves just before and 10 min after exercise. This laboratory evaluation allowed us to determine, for each subject, the training intensity to be used during the next training period.
Evaluation of Functional VTh Swimming Velocity
During the T0 exercise test, we assessed VTh and the corresponding heart rate (HR at VTh). Following this, the children had to swim 400 m (crawl). Heart rate was continuously recorded on a sport tester PE 3000 (Pragmat), and the time needed to cover each 25 meter interval was regularly noted. The average performance time when the heart rate was steady and near the HR at VTh was used to define the VTh swimming velocity.

Category: Asthma and Chronic Airflow Limitation

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