Individualized Aerobic and High Intensity Training for Asthmatic Children (6)

During one aerobic training session, the children swam for 10 min, three times at their own VTh velocity (individualized training). The children were aware of their velocity by being informed of their swimming time every 25 m. It was thus possible for them to control their swimming speed. The duration of one session was one hour, and there were two different sessions per week. Training was supervised by a physical education teacher to be sure that the swimming speed was correct and by a physician in case of any medical problem and to control ventilatory function once per week. This kind of conditioning allowed prolonged exercise performed at metabolic steady state. proventil inhaler
High Intensity Draining
The second schedule of training consisted of a series of 25 m crawls performed at maximal speed in order to reach supramaximal intensities. The HR reached by the asthmatic children were markedly higher than the HR at VTh and near their maximal HR (±5 percent of their maximal HR measured in laboratory). Recovery (1 min) was incomplete between repetitions in the same series (six repetitions of 25 m) and complete between two different series. A total session consisted of 12, 25-m crawl stimulations (2 x 6). The new intensity training was controlled in the same manner as previously described. The frequency and duration of the sessions was the same as for the aerobic training period.

Category: Asthma and Chronic Airflow Limitation

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