Infection of ileum mesothelium: Case presentation (Part 1)

HSV cytopathic atypia and HSV IHC staining was confined to myofibrocytes and mesothelial cells without involvement of epithelium. HSV was isolated in bronchial secretions postoperatively by direct fluorescence antibodies. To our knowledge, this is the first documentation of the distribution of HSV cytopathic changes in the ileum of a patient with symptomatic disseminated HSV infection complicating type I diabetes. Our case portends that disseminated HSV infection can have a viral cytotropism differing from that of a localized epithelial HSV gastrointestinal tract infection.

A 53-year-old Caucasian woman with chronic type I insulin-dependent diabetes, hypothyroidism and hypertension developed clinical and radiological features of a small bowel obstruction. A diagnosis of celiac disease was established on endoscopic biopsy five months before her latest hospital admission. She responded rapidly to a gluten-free diet and upon admission denied symptoms that could be attributed to celiac disease. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years previously and was asymptomatic on adequate thyroid replacement therapy. She had a history of oral cold sores and human papilloma virus cervical dysplasia. Find out more about your chance to get Symbicort for Asthma at best online pharmacy.

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