Medical practitioners careers (Part 4)

Strategy #9

If you intend to establish yourself in research, you will face challenges as an independent investigator beyond those you encounter as a fellow or resident. You will become responsible for generating the funds and facilities to support your research, and the capacity to generate research funds will depend on your productivity. Make no mistake: that means peer-reviewed publications and, to a lesser extent, abstracts accepted at major meetings. In your initial years as a faculty member, undertake at least one project that you know you can complete and publish within an appropriate period of time, to demonstrate to your peers that you can be productive as an independent investigator. If it is a collaborative project, make sure that you pick collaborators who will deliver on their commitments.

Strategy #8

In the years to come, it is difficult for me to envisage a professional life for you that does not involve teaching in addition to learning. Great teachers are made, not born. All the good ones prepare themselves carefully, even though it might appear that they are performing “off the cuff’. You will never have a better time than now to practice and develop your teaching skills and, over the years, there will be no activity more fulfilling.

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