Medical practitioners careers (Part 7)

medical graduatesIt helps to avoid procrastination. Those who fail to address this area have problems coping with the real world, no matter how talented they might be.

Strategy #3

The second important skill is the ability to write in a clear, concise manner. For most of us, good writing is a learned skill that comes from practice combined with some guidance. The sooner you practice your writing and acquire that guidance the better. You should be working on a paper now, with the help of a mentor, to gain practical experience, and be prepared to keep at it until you get it right. This painful trial-and-error process will pay off. These days, the general level of writing skills among medical graduates is rather low. This is a significant handicap, particularly for those who end up working in academic centres.

Strategy #2

Don’t ignore your life beyond medicine and work hard to enhance it. Not only does a well-rounded life make you and those close to you more content, it makes you a more productive professional. Try not to lose your friends or your sense of humour. It’s a huge help to find a partner who understands and supports your career goals.

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