Medical practitioners careers (Part 8)

Strategy #1

Remember that success in your professional and personal life will be largely dependent on your capacity to deal with people. Dr Jean Gray, in a talk delivered to a Canadian Society for Clinical Investigation Symposium, eloquently presented this point of view, with which I strongly agree. She pointed out that those with whom you work will all have strengths and weaknesses and it behooves you to maximize their strengths. If you establish a reputation as a good person with whom to work, good people will want to work with you. If you surround yourself with excellent people, encourage them to do “their thing”, and recognize their contributions. They will greatly enhance your own productivity and your pleasure. It’s very dangerous to become hung up on your own status, and it’s very advantageous to respect your colleagues at all levels and to delegate effectively.

In closing, I want you to realize that you have chosen a great profession with plenty of unsolved problems requiring your intelligence and energy. You will face a vast array of opportunities and challenges for which I’m sure you will be ready. I wish you long, fulfilling and contented careers.

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