My Canadian Pharmacy: What Can Weaken Man’s Force?

One laymen think that problems with erectile function are connected only with carvenous body. Actually everything is much more difficult. Erectile dysfunction is not an illness, but complication of the available diseases. There is no evidence that absolutely healthy man suddenly became an impotent.

Everything that occurs in an organism is reflected in man’s force:

  • hormonal shifts;
  • violation of blood-groove;
  • failures in work of nervous system;
  • psychological problems.

It is considered that the main reason for deterioration in erectile function at men less than 40 years is covered in mentality, and after — in vessels. You may enhance your vessels state with medications of My Canadian Pharmacy.
Andrologists assure that in each man huge sexual opportunities, so-called, 15-fold margin of safety are genetically put. That is, any man is quite capable to satisfy fifteen women. It helped mankind to survive throughout many millennia. Unfortunately, modern men treat the reserves in the least. Some even manage to lose completely by sixty years everything that is put by the nature, and become slaves of “Viagra”.

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What Can Weaken Man’s Force?

The first, and the most important is irregular sex life, especially after 30 years. As well as all other bodies, sexual need training too. Popular theories that abstention improves erectile function were false. During numerous researches scientists have proved that regular sex trainings not only improve quality of spermatozoa and increase their quantity, but also improve erectile function.

Secondly, not less important factor influencing man’s force is the numerous infection, sexually transmitted diseases. And though today by means of antibiotics of new generation both gonorrhea, and syphilis it is possible to cure all in a week, “bad” diseases usually reduce erectile function. Treat diseases and your erectile dysfunction due to medications of My Canadian Pharmacy. Command our service and be safe and sound.

One more adverse factor is the undertreated or incorrectly treated diseases of male genitals: uretrit, prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymoorchitis, orchitis, etc. Other reasons of deterioration in erectile function in decreasing order settle down approximately so:

  • coronary heart disease;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • endocrine violations;
  • diabetes;
  • prostatic hyperplasia (adenoma);
  • psychoneurological diseases;
  • use of some medicines;
  • drugs, tobacco, alcohol;
  • inactive way of life which results in stagnation of blood in small pelvis veins;
  • stresses;
  • bad ecology;
  • improper feeding.

As you can guess there are various aspects badly influencing erectile function but there are a lot of methods as well to improve it. My Canadian Pharmacy is ready to solve this problem because erectile function under the normal condition make all men worldwide happy and satisfied. We are ready to assist you at any situation of day and night.

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