Nonhuman Primate Models of Menopause (Part 18)

Cognitive Changes During Menopause

This discussion of cognitive changes during menopause is based on the presentation by Dr. Mary Lou Voytko (Wake Forest University School of Medicine).

Results from studies in women regarding the role of menopause in altering cognitive function relative to all other factors associated with middle age are conflicting. Most studies have been observational rather than prospective, randomized clinical trials. natural asthma treatment

Thus, they are more susceptible to potential biases. Also, the majority of these studies have examined mixed populations (i.e., surgical and natural menopause) of women. This highlights the need to develop suitable animal models to achieve the controlled conditions that are likely to lead to more definitive results.

Several studies have focused on the effects of ovariectomy on cognitive abilities in NHPs. In one study, utilizing young ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys so that the effect of estrogen loss could be explored in the absence of age changes, estrogen treatment modulated visuospatial attention function but not aspects of visual learning, cognitive flexibility, or spatial memory.

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