Serum Concentration of Soluble lnterleukin-2 Receptor as a Sensitive Parameter of Disease Activity in Sarcoidosis (6)

No obvious dissociation between these two parameters was noted in patients with untreated sarcoidosis.

Correlation of Soluble IL-2R in Serum with Some Parameters of BAL Fluid
The relationship between soluble IL-2R concentration and some parameters of BAL fluid was studied in nine cases with active sarcoidosis, and no apparent association was observed between serum concentration of soluble IL-2R and the percentage of lymphocytes (r=0.07) or CD4+/CD8+ ratio of the lymphocytes in the BAL fluid (r = 0.08, figures not shown). buy ortho tri-cyclen online
An attempt was made to measure the soluble IL-2R levels in the nonconcentrated cell-free lavage fluid; however, they were below the detection limit in all of these patients.
Changes in Serum Concentrations of Soluble IL-2R during the Course of the Disease
Changes in serum concentrations of soluble IL-2R and ACE activity were monitored in some patients with sarcoidosis. The following are representative cases.
Figure 3A shows serial changes in concentrations of serum-soluble IL-2R and serum ACE activities in a patient with spontaneous remission of the disease. The patient, a 56-year-old man, was diagnosed as having sarcoidosis with uveitis and BHL in October 1986. Levels of both parameters were elevated at the time of diagnosis, and they decreased to the normal range in six months along with improvement of eye symptoms and resolution of chest abnormalities evidenced radiologically.


Figure 3. Changes in serum concentrations of soluble 1L-2R and serum ACE activities during the course of sarcoidosis. A: patient with spontaneous remission of disease. B: patient who received corticosteroid therapy effectively. C: patient who had a relapse after cessation of corticosteroid therapy. Open circles indicate the soluble IL-2R concentrations and open squares indicate ACE activities.


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