Serum Concentration of Soluble lnterleukin-2 Receptor as a Sensitive Parameter of Disease Activity in Sarcoidosis (8)

In corticosteroid-treated patients, it rapidly decreased to normal range within four weeks after initiation of the therapy. We also observed a correlation between serum concentration of soluble IL-2R and serum ACE activity, and the association noted in our study was stronger than that reported previously. Serial measurements of those two parameters in patients with spontaneous remission or those treated with steroids showed that the change in serum IL-2R level well paralleled that in serum ACE activities. These results indicate that serum IL-2R level could be used as a marker of disease activity in sarcoidosis.
In terms of sensitivity of these two parameters in detecting disease activity of sarcoidosis, we found less overlap of values between active sarcoidosis and healthy control subjects in serum-soluble IL-2R levels than in serum ACE activity. Determining IL-2R concentrations might be more laborious and expensive than measuring ACE activity. The former appears to be more useful in discriminating active from dormant patients in sarcoidosis patients. flovent inhaler
Although most cases showed a good correlation between serum IL-2R levels and clinical or chest radiologic findings, one of our cases with clinically inactive sarcoidosis showed significantly high levels of both parameters of serum IL-2R concentration and ACE activity. By assessment with BAL findings, Wal-laert and co-workers observed lymphocytic alveolitis with granulomatous infiltration of the lung in their patients with extrathoracic sarcoidosis without any evidence of thoracic involvement of the disease estimated by clinical, functional or radiologic studies. These results suggest that conventional chest x-ray film studies or pulmonary function tests may not be sensitive enough to detect slight pulmonary involvement in sarcoidosis.

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