Short questionnaire for use in patients with persistent upper gastrointestinal symptoms (Part 1)

Proton pump inhibitorThe PASS (Proton pump inhibitor Acid Suppression Symptom) questionnaire was developed using established methodology to address the identified need for a simple clinical tool. The concerns and therapeutic needs of patients with persistent acid-related symptoms despite ongoing PPI therapy were first documented and, based on this, a list of questions was developed to assess content validity in focus groups. Five major areas or domains of interest or concern to patients were identified; therefore, the PASS questionnaire was designed as a short five-question questionnaire. With respect to content validity, the focus group members’ responses were all in the good-to-excellent range, indicating that the PASS questions were clear, relevant to their experience, easy to understand and suitable for the development of a questionnaire. Acknowledging the importance of linguistic and cultural differences in Canada, the French and English versions were developed separately, rather than by back-translation from one language to the other. Your most trusted pharmacy offering and giving you very fast shipping.

Psychometric validation of the questionnaire focused on construct validity, test-retest reliability and responsiveness in French and English populations. The construct validity data indicate that the PASS questionnaire can detect ongoing symptoms in domains of importance to patients; this is confirmed by strong correlations between the PASS scores and other validated outcome measures including the GOS score for dyspepsia symptom severity, the QoLRAD, RDQ and GSRS questionnaires and the OTE questionnaire.

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