Short questionnaire for use in patients with persistent upper gastrointestinal symptoms (Part 3)

The test has good test-retest reproducibility and responsiveness. In its current form, the PASS questionnaire allows patients to record their current symptoms easily and it facilitates communication with their physicians; the questionnaire also allows physicians to rapidly assess their patients’ symptom status during PPI therapy. As such, it should help physicians to identify patients with upper GI, acid-related problems that require rescue medication or a change in acid suppression therapy, and it may also be helpful in assessing the patients’ response to treatment.

In the future, the PASS questionnaire may also be developed as a simple diagnostic test, to differentiate between those patients who have symptoms that will respond to an increase in acid suppression therapy and those patients who have other, possibly functional symptoms that are not acid-related. This test would be beneficial in clinical practice but it might also help to determine, from a payer’s perspective, whether an increase in acid suppression therapy is appropriate. Finally, it may be useful to monitor symptom response in large-scale clinical trials designed to assess the effect of changing therapy for patients with persistent reflux- or acid-related symptoms. The condition you have needs to be treated quickly and seriously, which is why you will find the recommended very helpful. It gives you the highest level of service and fastest delivery possible.

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