Subclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Sarcoidosis (11)

Subclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Sarcoidosis (11)Discussion

This study shows that patients with sarcoidosis frequently have symptomatic limitations to exercise accompanied by abnormal circulatory responses, suggesting that subclinical cardiac involvement in sarcoidosis is a common occurrence that is evident during exercise. buy cipro
In sarcoidosis, exertional symptoms and limited exercise capacity are common, and they are often attributed solely to pulmonary involvement. However, most of the patients in our study had normal results of PFTs with only ten subjects having vital capacity and eight have diffusion capacity below the normal range. Minute ventilation in both sarcoid and control groups reached approximately 60 percent of predicted MW, indicating that ample respiratory reserve was available at the end of exercise. The only ventilatory abnormality seen during exercise was the slope ofVE/Vco2, which was increased above control values in 13 of 35 subjects with sarcoidosis. However, there was no relationship between the magnitude of the abnormal response and the maximum oxygen consumption achieved. Furthermore, no significant relationship was found between the ventilatory response to exercise and the roentgenographic stage of involvement or resting lung function (VC, Deo). These findings suggest that there was no ventilatory abnormality responsible for the exercise limitation in our patients.

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