Subclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Sarcoidosis (4)

Analysis of the tapes was performed by one of us (IM) using a high-speed analyzer (Reynolds Pathfinder) equipped with a printer interface module to allow printouts of the hourly totals of all QRS complexes, premature aberrant beats, pairs, and salvoes of >3 premature ventricular complexes, premature supraventricular beats, and hourly maximum and minimum HRs. The Pathfinder mode of action and accuracy have been described by Neilson. buy flovent inhaler
Exercise Testing
Patients and normal controls underwent progressive incremental bicycle ergometer exercise testing with expired gas measurements and noninvasive oximetry. Equipment was calibrated prior to each exercise study. Exercise studies were performed in the morning while the patients or normal subjects were fasting. Studies were performed using an electrically braked ergometer. After 3 minutes of no pedaling, subjects cycled at a speed of 50 to 60 rpm with the workload increased by 100 kpm/min to a symptom-limited maximum. Arterial oxygen saturation was monitored noninvasively with a fiberoptic earpiece oximeter (Hewlett-Packard, 47201A, Palo Alto, CA). Arterial oxygen desaturation during exercise was defined as a 4 percent or greater change compared with the arterial oxygen saturation at rest. Monitored cardiac variables included HR and rhythm by three-lead ECG and blood pressure by arm cuff technique.

Category: Cardiac Dysfunction

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