Subclinical Cardiac Dysfunction in Sarcoidosis (8)

Six-hour group mean HR values and hourly ectopic beat rates for the 17 patients with sarcoidosis and 12 normal controls obtained by Holter monitoring are shown in Table 2. Mean HR was significantly higher in the group with sarcoidosis compared with control subjects for each of the three periods studied. Activity level was comparable between groups especially during the 0- to 6-hour period when all patients and all control subjects slept, yet mean HR was significantly different. Mean age, FEV1? and FVC were not significantly different between these groups. No more than one ectopic beat per hour of any land was found in subjects from either group. Cheap Diskus Advair
Exercise Testing
Twenty-five patients stopped exercise because of leg and/or general fatigue. Ten others stopped exercise because of both leg fatigue and dyspnea. Leg fatigue was the symptom limiting exercise in all normal controls. Maximum Vo2 (Table 2) was significantly lower in the group with sarcoidosis than the normal control subjects (p<0.001). Twenty-nine patients had maximum Vo2 less than 80 percent predicted. There was a significant correlation between maximum oxygen consumption and resting vital capacity (r = 0.52, p<0.01), but vital capacity accounted for only 27 percent of the variability in maximum oxygen consumption. There was no correlation between Deo percent predicted and Vo2 percent predicted (r = 0.33) and Vo2 ml/kg (r = 0.19).

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