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ACCP-NHLBI National Conference on Oxygen Therapy: Monitoring Oxygen Therapy

Available techniques for monitoring oxygen therapy include measurement of arterial blood gases on samples obtained by intermittent punctures or by intra-arterial line, noninvasive monitoring by oximetry and transcutaneous techniques, as well as noninvasive monitoring of inspired and expired air. Under certain circumstances the status of tissue oxygenation can be inferred from measurements of mixed venous […]

My Canadian Pharmacy about ACCP-NHLBI National Conference on Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen Toxicity

The therapeutic use of oxygen entails the risk of adverse reactions and its use should be based on an assessment of the potential toxicity versus therapeutic benefit. Although no patient should be denied appropriate oxygen therapy for fear of toxicity, as with any drug, oxygen should be administered in doses and for durations no greater […]

ACCP-NHLBI National Conference on Oxygen Therapy: Indications for Oxygen Therapy

This section presents some guidelines for the short-term and long-term use of oxygen therapy. While the scientific foundation for oxygen therapy is increasing, it is still incomplete. The following recommendations, therefore, retain considerable latitude for the physician to exercise clinical judgment. The high cost of providing oxygen and of laboratory tests to document the need […]