Training in Laser Bronchoscopy and Proposals for Credentialling: Initial Laser Bronchoscopy Training for the Physician Beyond His/Her Formal Training Years (Part 4)

The importance of avoiding discharge of the YAG laser energy onto the plastic endotracheal tube or inside the flexible bronchoscope was emphasized as a fire hazard. Other safety issues, such as meticulous cleansing of the tip of the quartz fiber and keeping it free from blood or mucus, were also stressed. Opportunities to practice both flexible laser bronchoscopy and rigid laser bronchoscopy, with special emphasis on the latter, would constitute the majority of time in the laboratory. Closed circuit television systems were adapted to the bronchoscope so that the faculty could coach and criticize the course attendee as he or she practiced on the canine model. birth control pills
Approximately half the course attendees would be in the animal laboratory at any one time. The other half would be shown videotapes of laser bronchoscopy, with a faculty member supervising many such sessions and with opportunities to review much of what had been presented in the earlier didactic presentations. Interactive case presentations gave course attendees the opportunity to participate in management decisions over such issues as how to evaluate and prepare patients for laser bronchoscopy, as well as proper selection of patients, anticipation and management of complications, and the like.
Although this is a fairly detailed description of the courses in laser bronchoscopy offered at Henry Ford Hospital, it does not differ substantially from laser bronchoscopy courses conducted elsewhere.